Theatre NDG is a community theatre situated in the Montreal community of Notre Dame de Grace (NDG). It was founded by Ryan Madden (the director for all of Theatre NDG’s shows). “Theatre is a fantastic art form because it creates a space where all sorts of different people can come together and create a work of art.”  As such Theatre NDG strives to create an organization that is open to everyone to participate how they wish, whether as creators or spectators, administrators or supporters.  One of its foundational beliefs is that art should be accessible to people who want to create it, and Theatre NDG would like to act as an outlet for people to create art.  The wonderful thing about theatre is that it blends together actors, directors, set designers, costume designers, lighting and sound, music, as well as organizational challenges and many other roles.  In short, there are many different ways to get involved in the theatre, and many different creative outlets.
Theatre NDG is always looking to attract people with a passion and drive to create.  Theatre NDG wants to feed that passion.  The prerequisite is only enthusiasm.  Theatre NDG wants to work with people who have enthusiasm, love, commitment.  We want to help you reach your goals by being a backdrop where creation can happen.  Build experience with us.
Theatre NDG’s first goal is to serve the community of NDG and the greater Montreal community as a whole by putting on two plays a year, one in spring and one in fall.  Plays are the backbone of theatre.  The performance is the artistic centre of all the creative work that goes into them.  There is a magic in the way that the final performance as an endpoint allows for all involved to combine their creative energy into a moment in time.  That magic is the theatre, and Theatre NDG wishes to bring that to NDG twice a year.