Theatre NDG Support

If you want to get involved but not act, there are many volunteering duties you can do! – Please look at the list of tasks we need some of you to do to help us out.


  •  Front Of House
    • Ushers
    • Handing out programs
    • Ticketers & money handling


  • Costumes
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Stage Managing
  • Coaching
  • Dramaturg
  • Makeup
  • Set Design
  • Technical Director
  • … and any other backstage roles.  We are a community theatre and so if you have skills you want to share we will want to get you involved.

Theatre NDG is always looking for people interested in helping out with the show.  There are many small and large tasks that are involved in producing a theatre play.  We need help with Communications, Information Technology (IT), Media Relations, Volunteer Coordinating, Fundraising, Publishing, and Social Media.


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